What is your processing time for pre-orders?

We take pre-orders only if we do not have the hair that you’re requesting in stock. The processing time is 15 days plus shipping. We want to make sure that your made to order hair is at our highest standards.

What is your processing time for in stock orders?

Our processing times for in stock orders are within 24hrs of purchase.

How long will my Simply Virgin Hair last?

Due to the quality of our premium hair it will last you a minimum of 1 year with proper care.

What colours are the bundles?

The bundles come in natural colours such as black to brown because it is raw virgin hair that has not been dyed.

How many ounces in each bundle?

Each bundle contains 3.5oz which measures out to about 100grams.

How many bundles are recommended for a full sew in?

For a full sew in we always recommend 3 bundles.

TIP: The shorter the length the longer the weft. The longer the length the shorter the weft.

Can I straighten and curl my Simply Virgin Hair?

You definitely can straighten and or curl your hair because it is real virgin human hair. Once you are done with that hair style, just wash it and your hair will go back to its original wave pattern.

What products should I use on my Simply Virgin Hair?

When wearing our Simply Virgin Hair less is more, we recommend you deep condition your hair more than you would shampoo.

What’s the quality of the hair?

We provide the finest in top quality hair meaning minimal shedding, tangling, and matting.

What does Virgin mean?

Virgin hair means simply this: Unprocessed, no bleach, no dyes, no chemicals. Straight from the donors head to the machine wefting process and comes in natural state.

What does Remy mean?

Don’t get confused with remi hair in your beauty supply stores, remy means the process in which your virgin hair goes through. The cuticles are intact and aligned which helps with locking in moisture and decreases shedding, tangling, and matting. All of our human virgin hair extensions are authentic remy quality.